About Us

Republic Educational Consultancy Pvt.Ltd. is an International Education Recruitment that oversees a network of offices around the world. It was founded in 2009, Kathmandu Nepal and since then has been instrumental in shaping careers of Hundreds of students every year by guiding them to study overseas in several top destinations. Since the establishment of the first REC office in 2009, the company has seen phenomenal growth and has developed into a highly recognized brand name. Our reputation is now a benchmark for student recruitment in international education industry and we are not ready to stop just yet.

REC now has more than 20 Contact Office and joint-venture partner offices in major Countries and Cities. These are spread across, Nepal India, Australia.

Backed by this experience and support we know that as students (and your parents) you would have a number of apprehensions while relocating overseas to pursue the best in education. We at REC Nepal are here to manage all the aspects starting from university selection to the visa process and help with settling in the country of their education. Our personalized support and proactive approach ensures that you will need to focus only on your university and the course of your choice.

We act as a bridge between your country of residence and the country they choose to study at and our aim is to be a robust support for those in pursuit of higher education of the highest quality. We provide focused and customized advice to students based on their interests, course choice, and aptitude and career aspirations. With our clear understanding and in-depth knowledge of the culture, lifestyle and educational choices available in the countries we operate in, we are ideally suited to make suggestions that will benefit the students.

Students and parents can count on us to provide updated and first-hand information all aspects related to the decision of studying abroad. Our professional standards have always been of the highest order and we our standing and repute has grown steadily owing to great testimonials and referrals.